By the end of 2016, the Ministry of Economic Development has developed a series of measures in support of Research and Industries that intend to operate its own digital transformation, which the Italian Government has included in the 2017 legislation.

The main measure developed is the “National Plan Industry 4.0 2017-2020” which provides for concrete measures based on three main guidelines:

  • operate in a logic of technological neutrality;
  • intervene by horizontal, non-vertical or sectoral actions;
  • act on enabling factors.

The strategic guidelines are four:

  1. Innovative investments: stimulate private investment in adopting industry-enabled technologies 4.0 and increase spending on research, development and innovation;
  2. Enabling infrastructures: ensure adequate network infrastructure, ensure data security and protection, collaborate in defining international interoperability standards;
  3. Skills and Research: create skills and stimulate research through ad hoc training paths;
  4. Awareness and Governance: spread the knowledge, potential and applications of Industry 4.0 technologies and ensure public-private governance for achieving the goals set.

The Government has therefore put in place a fairly balanced plan that will recover the delay over Germany, which will put the skills in the center and create great opportunities for the country. Businesses that really want to innovate now have no alibi anymore. For the first time, we are working on the budget of companies that, thanks to powerful leverage tools, can choose which technologies to invest in line with the needs of their market and their customers.

Download the Guide Lines of Ministry of Economic Development (text format, italian language)


This measure is added to the following measures that the Government has maintained and encouraged:

  • New Sabatini (for purchase of instrumental goods);
  • R&S tax credit (for research and development activities);
  • Patent Box (facilitated taxation on income derived from ingenuity works);
  • Incentives for business capitalization (ACE);
  • Investment incentives in Start up and innovative SMEs;
  • Central Guarantee Fund (for SMEs, Established by Law no. 662/96 and in force since 2000).