The operational of SMILE is included in the political and economic context of the Emilia-Romagna Region where there is a public administration considered one of the most virtuous in Italy. At this time, we can point out the presence of two initiatives, which are functional for the support of SMEs and the digitization of manufacturing.

The first refers to “1.4.1 Action”  envisaged in the Plan “Por Fesr 2014-2020, Axis 1” and has a financial allocation of € 4,500,000 to promote new start-ups and their growth, in order to generate new niches market through new products, services and production systems with high innovative content, seize dominant trends and generate employment opportunities.

The second concerns a strategic investment in “Industry 4.0skills and to accompany the manufacturing, manufacturing and services system, addressing the global challenges of 10 million euros, to be invested in the realization, on All over the region, seminars and awareness-raising activities, training courses and business-oriented actions to support widespread digitalization, internationalization and sustainable development processes and the competitive positioning of manufacturing and services, involving 11,000 business owners and managers, for over 2,500 companies.

We can expect the public administration to maintain high attention over time, as well as concrete political and financial support, not just to Universities and Competence Centers, but also to companies and individuals involved in technology transfer to the same companies, as in the case of a Digital Innovation Hub, especially if supported by Europe.