The Assessments are tools for evaluating the aspects necessary to undertake or complete digital transformation, innovation or sustainability paths.

Usually the starting point for a company is carrying out the “Test 4.0“, also called Digital Readiness Assessment (DRA), which identifies the company’s level of digitization by measuring its digital maturity in all areas in which it operates. We highly recommend starting with this as it is a free and repeatable tool.

Subsequently it is possible to obtain support from SMILE-DIH to understand and deepen other aspects (such as cyber-security).

Below is a list of Assessments that SMILE-DIH offers (the list is continuously updated).

Source: Confindustria (designed in collaboration with PoliMi and Assoconsult)
Used by: all the Digital Innovation Hubs of the Confindustria Network
: Digital Maturity Index (Digital Readiness Assessment – DRA)
Dimensions analysed: Design, Supply chain, Logistics, HR, Production, Quality, Maintenance, Marketing
Target: SMEs and Large Manufacturing Companies
Method: Self-assessment with subsequent in-depth analysis by experts
Free: yes
: 3/4 hours, 90 Questions
Output: Scores, Priorities and Action Plan
Link: Read more and run the Test 4.0

Source: European Commission – EEN
Objective: To measure the contribution of digital innovation to company performance
Dimensions analysed: Strategy, Business Model, Processes, Exosystem and Enablers
Target: Medium-Large companies or structured SMEs
Method: Accompaniment by experts (after interview)
Free of charge: yes, through the nearest Enterprise Europe Network contact point
Time: 3/4 hours, about 80 questions
Output: Benchmark report for European companies, Action Plan

Link: Read more