The service allows you to explore, experiment and develop advanced and emerging digital technologies, in order to consciously choose which ones to adopt or integrate into the company.


SMILE-DIH can help you set up or access:
  • Demonstrators and use cases that allow you to experience and verify the potential of digital technologies, applied to real scenarios that arise in the industrial field. The purposes are multiple: they stimulate technology transfer actions, show the benefits of the solutions in terms of greater efficiency, better operating costs, better relationships with the customer, to the point of generating new digital and sustainable business models;
  • Infrastructures and technological platforms (also as-a-service) such as machinery, devices, algorithms, software licenses, IT infrastructures;
  • Feasibility studies that include a work plan and planning of the activities necessary for an analysis of feasibility, innovation potential and to outline the resources and technologies necessary for executive implementation;
  • Proof-of-Concept (PoC) to conceptually demonstrate or demonstrate the functionality of a product, process or service, elevate the feasibility and effectiveness of a solution (TRL 5 – TRL 7) and is the previous step before proceeding with the industrialization;
  • Tests and validations in order to engineer a technological solution of a product, process or service existing in an industrial context (TRL greater than 7), or to test the technical results in certain conditions, even in a persuasive way.

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