The Statute of the SMILE-DIH Association can be downloaded here (available only in Italian) and is composed of the chapters:


  • TITLE 1: NAME, REGISTERED OFFICE, DURATION AND PURPOSE (Art. 1 Name, Art. 2 Registered office and Duration, Art. 3 Purpose and Object)
  • TITLE II: MEMBERS (Art. 4 Participation, Art. 5 Application for membership, Art. 6 Rights and duties of members, Art. 7 Renewal, withdrawal and exclusion of the member)
  • TITLE III: ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE (Art. 8 Organs of the association, Art. 9 Assembly of the members, Art. 10 Directive Council, Art. 11 President and Vice-president, Art. 12 Auditor, Art. 13 Association’s Books, Art. 14 Regulations)
  • TITLE IV: FINANCIAL MEANS AND SOCIAL EXERCISE (Art. 15 Shareholders’ equity, Art. 16 Annual membership fee, Art. 17 Business year, Art. 18 Management surpluses)
  • TITLE V: FINAL PROVISIONS (Art. 19 Confidentiality, Art. 20 Dissolution of the Association, Art. 21 Disputes, Art. 22 Reference to the Civil Code)