Orientation and Consultancy

Our orientation and consultancy services allow you to:

  • Acquire awareness of new 4.0 enabling technologies;
  • Managing innovation both endogenously and exogenously (open innovation);
  • Evaluate the reference markets to understand the degree of innovation to be brought;
  • Develop feasibility studies;
  • Develop products and/or services in line with market needs and expectations;
  • Prepare intellectual property practices;
  • Evaluate and improve the efficiency of all operational processes;
    Receive guidelines on Production 4.0 areas;
  • Be followed by a dedicated project manager capable of coordinating specific projects and ensuring the implementation of interventions in the areas of advanced manufacturing, supply chain digitalisation, cybersecurity;
  • Access available financing;
  • Support you in the launch and development of innovative startups.

SMILE-DIH is a certified Contact Point of the European I4MS network.

What do we offer through I4MS?

Tools and technologies to accelerate digital adoption by manufacturing companies:

  • Access and participation in the dedicated online community that provides us with valuable content (best practices, methodologies and more)
  • The possibility of regularly receiving I4MS opportunities, necessary to in turn inform companies, SMEs and public administrations with which we are in contact
  • The possibility of organizing online events with I4MS experts
  • Have access to training courses
  • Priority in hosting workshops on Industry 4.0
  • The possibility of participating in important online events and activities
  • The ability to contribute to policy recommendations and discussions
  • Invite SMEs to benefit from specific dedicated online training
  • Support for SMEs through the specific I4MS Brokerage System