The DIQ (Digital Innovation Quotient) is a tool made available free of charge by EEN (Enterprise Europe Network) to promote digital innovation management, able to guide your company through a structured questionnaire covering various crucial areas to assess the status of your digital innovation, based on a constantly growing database worldwide.

The resulting assessment report will suggest areas for improvement and help you address specific needs. The data obtained can be compared with leading companies in your sector and will allow you to find out how they implement digital innovation.

Why it is appropriate to promote digital innovation

The digital world is growing faster and faster by the minute. We can hardly keep up with the new digital inventions that are released every day. This makes it all the more important to keep track of digitization and adapt to this rapidly growing industry. Companies that are unable to do this will end up falling behind, missing out on countless promising growth opportunities. While digital innovation has grown significantly in recent years, companies are finding it difficult to effectively leverage this enormous potential.

What it analyzes, who needs it and how to carry out the Assessment

  • Dimensions analysed: Strategy, Business Model, Processes, Exosystem and Enablers
  • Target: Medium-Large Companies or structured SMEs
  • Mode: Accompaniment by experts (after interview)
  • Free of charge: yes, through the nearest Enterprise Europe Network italian contact point
  • Time: 3/4 Hours, about 80 Questions
  • Output: Benchmark Report towards European companies, Action Plan
  • For more information: Call +39.0521.226772 or write to