Basic level services and activities


Create an ecosystem

Workshops, company visits, conferences, brokerage, project development

Market ratings

Commercial evaluations, feasibility studies, intellectual property evaluations

Provide skills

Research and Development projects, consultancy

Dissemination and awareness raising

Conferences, newsletters, publications, lobbying activities

Trend analysis

Forecast studies, market surveys

Procure the infrastructure

Pilot production infrastructures, laboratories, demonstrations, validating solutions

Education and information

Training courses, hosting training institutes, webinar

Product ratings

Listen to “the customer’s voice” and develop the business accordingly


Digital market, brokerage sessions to innovate, access to finance

Services and activities with high added value

Observatory on KETs

Key Enabling Technologies are fundamental for growth and employment, develop new solutions or technologies through research experiences capable of revitalizing the production system

Services for Manufacturing and ICT companies

The Digital Maturity Index Assessment provides guidelines to define business objectives functional to digital transformation, feasibility studies and business case development

Shared Projects and Services

We carry out projects / services that respond to specific collective needs, we help to standardize procedures and protocols for collecting and analyzing data useful for controlling business processes

Single project and/or service

Activities that respond to the need for a single subject

Seminars / Training

Activities carried out in cooperation with qualified training institutes

What you can get specifically (comparative table)

Legend Free services,  Services at reduced rates, Final balance services



Other subjects

Observatory on KETs:

  • Reports and aggregate statistical analysis on the actual use of Key Enabling Technologies by manufacturing companies that insist on the territorial ecosystem in which SMILE DIH operates

  • Workshops, Conferences, Technical Tables, Dossiers and dedicated Position Paper
  • Publication of news and in-depth information on websites, web magazines and social media, video interviews with champion companies

  • Digital readiness Assessment
  • Technology assessment and benchmarking (for example technological gap mappings, benefit analysis on valuechain, reports on the interventions to be carried out, etc.)
  • Digital marketing assessment
  • Cyber security assessment
  • Check list infrastructures / enabling technologies
Digital Maturity Index Assessment:

  • Guidelines to define business objectives functional to digital transformation, feasibility studies and development of business cases of companies in the ICT and manufacturing sectors
Technologies and digital transformation:

  • Encourage agreements with universities for technology transfer and R & D & I projects
  • Encourage agreements with companies operating in technology transfer and R & D & I projects
  • Support in website creation, document dematerialization, electronic invoicing, CRM, digital marketing
  • Support in the Security Assessment phases (for example, penetration testing and vulnerability analysis, secured by structural attacks, tailor-made solutions)
Human capital 4.0 (shared projects):

  • Encourage school-work alternation projects, dual degrees, ITS, Industrial PhD, master and high apprenticeships, access to Grants made available by Fondimpresa and Fondirigenti (only for companies based in Italy)
  • Co-planning Training courses
Human capital 4.0 (individual projects):

  • Seminars / Training designed ad-hoc to respond to the needs and requirements of a single economic entity
Access to finance (information actions):

  • Hyper-amortization and Super-amortization (Italian tax and technological aspects)
  • Direct information to companies for access to finance
Access to finance (operational actions):

  • Operational advice for access to finance (from the presentation of the project to the reporting of expenses)
  • Advice for access to calls
Strategic consulting (information actions):

  • Guidelines on Production 4.0, Supply Chain and Go to Market Digitization, Cybersecurity, Material Infrastructures, Intangible Infrastructures
Strategic consulting (operational actions):

  • Specific projects, followed by a dedicated project manager, who coordinates and follows over time the interventions in the areas of Production 4.0, Supply Chain Digitization and go to market, Cybersecurity, Material Infrastructures, Intangible Infrastructures
Shared projects / services:

  • In response to specific collective needs (for example we help to standardize procedures and protocols for the collection and analysis of data useful for controlling the business processes of specific sectors or industrial districts)
Individual Projects / Services:

  • In response to the needs and needs of a single economic entity

Now, with SMILE DIH, you can make your factory smart.

The competitiveness of Italian manufacturing companies depends on their ability to provide highly innovative products, where innovation often comes from the progress that can be made through the adoption of ICT solutions. The solution to this need can be provided by a Digital Innovation Hub like ours, which aims to promote cutting-edge technologies and spread research projects based on ICT.
SMILE-DIH deals directly with industrial Internet Of Things and Ciber-Physical Systems
but, thanks to the European network to which it belongs, can help you to identify all solutions in the Industry 4.0 environment  (for example robotics, cloud-based simulation services and high-performance computing systems, additive manufacturing, laser-based applications, intelligent sensor-based equipment).