Qualified training

Digital transformation is a process that includes, in addition to technology, a cultural and mentality change, which is why our training service is integrated and represents a quick way to increase knowledge in companies.


We organize seminars / training in a hybrid way (in person and online)

Only thanks to adequately trained employees and operators can companies truly exploit new technologies, improve their competitiveness and generate new business opportunities.

Our activities are carried out directly, by university teachers and researchers, or by appointed professionals, or in collaboration with qualified training bodies.

To enhance Human Capital we are able to:

  • Co-design our training courses ad-hoc, aimed at managers, managers and operators, in order to respond to the specific needs of a single economic entity;
  • Design training courses for employees of various economic entities that make up industrial districts and/or supply chains;
  • Promote access to measures to support training, such as those envisaged in the PNRR or such as regional tenders and projects that exploit contributions paid to Fondirigenti and Fondimpresa;
  • Support for the management of the procedures to be submitted to the Revenue Agency for obtaining the 4.0 training tax credit;
  • Promote school-work alternation projects, dual degrees, ITS, Industrial PhDs, master’s degrees and high apprenticeships;
  • Organize Masters, also in collaboration with Competence centers, with a focus on the valorisation of data, alternating theoretical-practical training with project work, transferring to participants both training content and all the tools to develop a technology implementation plan in their company 4.0; the program frames the concept of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing within the broader context of Digital Transformation;
  • Implement e-learning platforms for the use of digital training contents both synchronously and asynchronously.
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