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Our website uses cookies. By using our site and accepting the conditions of this information, you are consenting to the use of cookies in accordance with the terms and conditions of the information itself.

1) Information about cookies

A cookie is a small file, generally composed of letters and numbers, which is downloaded to a device when the user accesses certain websites.

Our cookies allow the website to recognize the user’s device, track their navigation on the various internal pages.
Our cookies DO NOT identify in any way the users who visit it as natural persons and DO NOT collect personal information or preferential habits.

1.a) Session and permanent cookies

Cookies can expire at the end of a browser session (the period between the opening of a browser window by the user and its closure) or they can be kept for a longer period of time. Session cookies: allow websites to link the actions of a user during a browser session. Session cookies expire when the browser session ends and therefore are not stored for long. For this reason, session cookies can be considered less intrusive from the point of view of privacy than persistent cookies.

  • Persistent cookies: they are stored on a user’s device between browser sessions and allow you to store preferences or user actions with respect to a site (or in some cases with respect to different websites). 1.b) First-party and third-party cookies

A cookie is “first party” or “third party” based on the website or domain it comes from.

  • First-party cookies are, in essence, cookies set by a website visited by the user or by a website displayed in the URL window.
  • Third-party cookies are cookies set by a domain other than the one visited by the user. We speak of a third party cookie if a user visits a website and a third company sets a cookie through that site.

2) Cookies on this website and how we use them

3) Blocking and / or management of cookies

It is possible to configure the browser to accept all cookies, reject them or receive a notification if one is set. Each browser is different, so it is advisable to check the procedures for changing cookie preferences in the browser guide.

However, blocking all cookies will have a negative impact on the usability of many websites. If you block all cookies, you will not be able to fully use the features and applications on this website.

4) Elimination of cookies

However, it is possible to delete cookies already stored on your computer: check the guide of your browser.

5) Contacts

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