Use case: Digitization and efficiency of production process in Salvatore Robuschi & C.

Digitization and more immediate use of the projects and technical drawings relating to each order, which can be updated in real time and can be viewed from every single workstation by operators and managers

Organizations involved

Salvatore Robuschi & C. (manifacturing company), Uniontel srl (system integrator), Nethesis srl (solution provider) and SAP (“Fiori” and “ERP” management systems provider).

Objectives obtained

New operator stations have been created equipped with monitors through which it is possible to view digitized projects and, thanks to a virtual switchboard extension, headphones and headset, it is possible to communicate with colleagues, superiors and external to the structure, without moving.

The challenge

Salvatore Robuschi & C. Srl, established in 1935, started its activity in a small workshop in the center of the city of Parma (IT). Over the years, it grows up more and more becoming a reference point in the production of industrial pumps. The company aims to be at the forefront in its production processes without neglecting attention to the environment.

The initial need was, first of all, to reduce the paper circulating in the company, for both economic and environmental savings. Each operator was assigned an order, in the form of a paper envelope consisting of 6 sheets: picking list, parts list, stage progress, order details and notes, product sheet. In addition to this, each operator also received a list of daily tasks, always on paper. It then happened that it was necessary to print a technical drawing, for which the operator had to leave the workstation and go to the manager to have yet another sheet, or that in the case of specific orders he received an additional folder with the drawings of the components to be made. Secondly, it was necessary to optimize assembly and processing times to make them more precise and to monitor the progress of the line, in order to be able to report to colleagues and customers the exact stage of realization of the ordered product. During the analysis and development phase, it was noted that during the work the operator needed to contact various subjects involved in the production process (production manager, quality manager, line attendant, etc.) for information on the procedures or to report problems and any needs.

The solution

Uniontel Srl suggested to merge the firm’s Nethvoice switchboard (provided by Nethesis srl) with SAP management system in order to make these two application work together as one.

Every position has been equipped with monitors displaying digitalized papers and headphones for virtual phone.
The economical effort for all the monitors paied itself back in two years. Advantages are several:

  • operators don’t waste their time anymore wandering around the building looking for managers, they make phone calls instead;
  • production can be more accurate and can also make corrections on projects while working on them;
  • each operator can view the orders in progress;
  • operators can replace other colleagues in working on some projects;
  • production manager can call operators for every communication.

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