With this post we informed companies about the European Change2Twin initiative, created to support manufacturing SMEs and mid-cap companies in their digitization process by providing Digital Twin solutions (digital twins of product or process), and about the opening of the call ” Assessment Voucher – 1st Open Call” (from January 28th expiring at 5pm on March 29th 2021).

We remind you that, with the call in question, Change2Twin will finance up to a maximum of 25 proposals that will have to be evaluated by a certified Digital Innovation Hub of their choice (as in the case of SMILE-DIH) in order to obtain a detailed digital evaluation and a “recipe” tailored to implement innovative solutions based on Digital Twin technologies.

For information on the call: https://change2twin-av-opencall.fundingbox.com/

To provide all the necessary clarifications to companies and answer all the questions of those who want to apply, Change2Twin has organized a webinar to address the details of the Call, the selection criteria, the application form and any other need for clarification.

The webinar, lasting one hour, will be held online on next  Tuesday 23 February at 10, after compulsory registration (places are limited).

In the meantime, if you want to ask questions, you can join the Community Help Desk di Change2Twin or send e-mail at opencalls@change2twin.eu.

We remind you that the companies admitted to the Call “Assessment Voucher” will receive a lump sum of up to 10,000 euros to commission the chosen DIH for a detailed analysis of their situation and 3 different possible indications, functional to the subsequent implementation of the project.

The report will contain the list of different technologies suitable for the use case declared by the PMI and the details of a solution provider or systems integrator willing to implement them.

Both the report and the indications are to be considered very useful for two reasons:

  1. They are in themselves a value for the manufacturing company, as they provide both the insights of external experts and a possible customized solution ready for implementation;
  2. They will be functional in order to participate in the future second phase of the Call Change2Twin, which will instead aim to support the costs necessary for the realization of the project, with a lump sum of up to 90,000 euros, through the “Deployment Voucher” tool.

To allow us to carry out the appropriate coordination activities in the best possible way, we also ask that companies report their interest in the initiative to SMILE-DIH, by completing and sending the attached form.