Class CNBC takes you to a real smart factory with a special episode of Italia 4.0 from the Siemens Application Technology Center (TAC) in Piacenza.


The TAC is proposed as:

  • a demonstration center where to study the advantages related to the use of the automation platform and numerical controls on machine tools and production machines, where to present the dedicated solutions for the various processing and production technologies, as well as for integration in a context of automated cell or factory, with a focus on man-machine interface operating systems, on productivity, machine and plant efficiency, machine management and maintainability;
  • a smart factory particularly equipped and usable where it is possible to effectively show users what are the advantages of the synergy between industrial software and automation along the entire life cycle of the product, where to test innovative solutions to make companies competitive in terms of productivity, flexibility , time to market and optimization of resources and where to show the potential of the union between the digital world and the real world;
  • a center for high-level training, through its cutting-edge technological equipment (machine simulation stations and programming software in a virtual environment).