I4MS is constantly evolving to adapt its mechanism to the goal of digitizing the EU manufacturing industry. I4MS focuses a lot on European SMEs. However, companies – as well as other intermediate players in the sector such as System Integrators or technical consultants – also need support and facilitation to take advantage of all the advantages that the digital transformation process can have for them.

I4MS, inspired by the XS2-I4MS project, decided to develop an I4MS technology catalog in which I4MS initially envisaged a new methodology to define I4MS value proposals, facilitate the transfer of knowledge in order to propose technical solutions to particular problems and allow direct contact between all interested parties involved.

In particular, the Tech4Corporate I4MS technical catalog was designed to demonstrate that the technologies developed within the I4MS-GO project are feasible in a constantly evolving corporate environment and can coexist with leading companies and companies in their respective sectors.

Discover the technologies developed within the I4MS scheme to tackle the problems of the digital transformation process of your company