With the directorial decree of 6 November 2019, the list of qualified Managers and consulting companies was published, which may be indicated by the companies concerned, in the voucher booking application. The professional profiles of the subjects registered in the list can be consulted at the following link https://miq.dgiai.gov.it.
Starting from 10.00 am on November 7th 2019 and up to 5.00 pm on November 26th 2019, the subjects requesting the benefits can fill in the access request through the IT procedure, available at the following link https://agevolazionidgiai.invitalia.it, by accessing in the “Acceptance Applications” section and by clicking on the “Voucher for consulting in innovation” measure, according to the provisions of the directive decree 25 September 2019.
The sending of the request for access to the facilities is permitted starting from 10.00 am on 3 December 2019.