After the success of the last edition, this year the second edition of Business Meets Innovation will be held, a competition organized by the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Italien), created to favor the matching between the demand for innovation of some top business players Italian-German community and the offer of innovative solutions by Italian start-ups.

From this year SMILE-DIH, the European Digital Innovation Hub of Parma, founded by the Unione Parmense degli Industriali and the University of Parma, also collaborates in scouting.

The contest is aimed at all startups, spinoffs and Innovative SMEs located in Italy and participation is free.

There are four top players who have decided to focus on the innovative contribution of a start-up for the development and implementation of strategic initiatives for their business:

Bosch is looking for a start-up able to develop an integrated access control system based on the best technologies available on the market, to maximize the ability to accurately identify people (employees and outsiders) who enter and leave a building. A system that can therefore support the company both for security issues and for aspects more closely related to safety (eg evacuation plan).

GKN is looking for a start-up able to develop a solution that generates 3D models from 2D drawings. An automatic system would be ideal. A semi-automatic system is acceptable if interaction with the user is minimal and can be performed by unqualified operators.

  • Rödl & Partner – project # 3: Arianna

Arianna is a tracking and recording system, including on blockchains, of activities, information and data relating to the research and development processes of innovative solutions implemented within companies. It is a system able to identify each member of the R&D team within the project; trace and record the work of each of the members of the R&D team and track and record progressively the results achieved by the R&D team, saving them in blockchain or in a similar system. The Arianna system is designed to be sold to businesses and installed in the devices used by members of an R&D team in developing the projects entrusted to them.

  • Siemens – project # 4: It will be published soon (updates on the site).

The deadline for applying and submitting your solution is 15 October.

To register, simply complete the registration form at the following link and indicate for which projects you wish to present your solution.

In the coming months, workshops will be organized in which it will be possible to discuss directly with the project representatives of all the top players, in order to clarify doubts and technical details before the presentation.

How to present innovative proposals:

  • A PowerPoint with max. 10 slides (opening slides and thanks included) and / or video of max. 5 minutes. N.B. in the PowerPoint presentation you can include one or more videos, as long as they do not exceed 5 minutes in total
  • Send the document to the address:

Selection of finalists

The pitches of the start-ups will be held between 15 and 30 October in the presence of the top players’ project managers, who will determine their winner for each of the technology challenges.

On the occasion of the Winners’ Night on November 26, 2019, the selected finalists will be able to present their solution to a jury of entrepreneurs, consultants, investors and academics who will decide the overall winner of the second edition of Business meets Innovation.