Use case: Spare Parts Catalog Builder & Web Spare Parts 

Solutions for the automatic creation of interactive spare parts manuals in PDF, 2D and 3D format, starting from CAD - ERP and PLM / PDM data and publication on the website

Organizations involved

Two companies that have implemented the solution: Scm Group (wood sector) and Ycom Srl (Automotive and Motorsport consultancy) and Sygest Srl (solution provider)


Objectives obtained

The project produced:

  • Direct integration with data and information from the company’s technical and management software;
  • Significant reduction in the timing of editing manuals;
  • Reduction of the risk of making mistakes;
  • Optimization of customer service;
  • Constant updating of manuals;
  • Reduction of resources dedicated to the preparation and editing of manuals;
  • Optimization of the bidirectional flow of supplier-customer information;
  • Management of access to data to third parties and the opportunity to work remotely (eg: design studios outside the client company);
  • Multilingual;
  • Operational management on the move via tablets, smartphones, iPads and iPhones;
  • Sharing of catalogs on different formats (PDF, web, tablet, smartphone, iPads and iPhones);
  • Connection with pre-existing e-commerce applications;
  • Predisposition for integration with other modules that allow you to have a complete portal for on-line post-sales management.

The challenge

In both cases, the client companies needed speed in drafting manuals, regardless of the amount of data processed, reducing the possibility of producing errors to zero.

There was a need to obtain an interactive graphic display of the spare parts: 2D exploded views or 3D models. The interactive contents had to allow the user to add spare parts to the cart simply by clicking on the required component or on the list.

The solution had to automatically compile the quotation requests, then send them via e-mail, print and fax them or publish them on the web via an interface for managing spare parts.

The spare parts software had to operate automatically, drastically reducing the possibility of making errors when filling out the order by the customer, also optimizing costs and supply times.

The manuals had to always be precise, detailed and updated, to achieve greater efficiency in the use of the resources dedicated to these activities.

The management of the spare parts catalog had to be multilingual and capable of generating and publishing spare parts manuals, viewing and using them also via mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, iPad and iPhone).

The solution


In the case of SCM

Scm Group was born from the strategic vision of SCM, founded in 1952, with the mission of offering the widest range of solutions in the wood sector. Over time, the Group develops technologies and acquires leading brands, completing all the processes of secondary processing of wood and, subsequently, of composite materials, plastic, glass, metal and marble.
Since 2019, the SCM group has decided to inaugurate a new phase of corporate innovation. Thanks to the Sygest “Spare Parts Catalog Builder” (SPCB) solution, SCM has automated the recovery of old 2D manuals, integrated into internal e-commerce. Through the data provided by the Team Center (PDM/PLM) and Microsoft Dynamics AX (ERP) and thanks to the tables coming from the NX and Solid Edge (CAD), the SCM now provides interactive spare parts catalogs in 2D format, quickly and without possibility of error.
The SCM group decides to adopt a second Sygest solution, the “Web Spare Parts” (WSP), a web platform that uses the “Spare Parts Catalog Builder” (SPCB) technology to choose and order spare parts and obtain online offers/orders -line. Furthermore, the WSP being connected to the company ERP, gives the possibility of being updated in real time on warehouse availability and on a possible estimate of the goods supply time.
This system has given the SCM group an improvement in after-sales services and delivery times and an increase in communication with customers, who are helped in the order process thanks to an easy, fast and intuitive search method.

In the case of YCOM

Ycom Srl is a consultancy company in the Automotive and Motorsport field founded in 2008 by Mario Saccone and Nicola Scimeca, with the aim of creating a specialized company capable of developing a complete project, from the design phase of the car, up to the tests on the track .
Over the years, Ycom has grown exponentially, managing 60% of the cars that race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Official Audi Motorsport, Ycom is today recognized as one of the most advanced and reliable companies in the world of race car design, with a particular focus on composites.
Ycom’s headquarters are located in the province of Parma, in the heart of the Italian Motorsport Valley, but with international horizons and customers all over the world.
Among the latest projects, the call in 2018 from Wolfsburg to create the first electric supercar under the Volkswagen brand. In just two months the Emilian company developed the first prototype of the Volkswagen I.D.R., which then became the first electric car to win Pikes Peak, the longest and most difficult uphill race in history, shattering all previous records.
In 2019, a new project was started which sees Ycom and Sygest working together for the automatic creation of 3D interactive spare parts catalogs of their cars and their publication on the web, tablets, smartphones and tablets through Spare Parts Catalog Builder (SPCB), Web Spare Parts (WSP).
Using data from CAD and management software, the Spare Parts Catalog Builder automatically creates catalogs in 3D format. This procedure occurs quickly, regardless of the amount of data and with a substantial reduction in errors.
For the publication of these catalogues, Ycom has relied on two modules of Sygest’s SySuite suite: with Web Spare Parts (WSP), a web platform for the management and sale of spare parts, and DAV, software installed on a PC with the possibility to work offline, you can choose and order spare parts visually from the 3D model and place them in the cart to create an order.
Thanks to these Sygest solutions, Ycom presents an innovative and efficient race assistance service in the MotorSport sector.
Next step, the evaluation of the module for publishing the 3D spare parts catalog on the native iOS and Android App.

For further information you can consult the Sygest Srl website:

Automatic creation of interactive 2D and 3D spare parts manuals, and also Web solution for the management and sale of spare parts.

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