Companies wishing to undertake a digital transformation process have been able to focus on the fair SPS Ipc Drives Italia 2019 held in Parma from 28 to 30 June 2019, to discover the latest innovations in the field of industrial automation and to make contact with those who are able to help them to the fullest.

To become an intelligent, digital and flexible industry and to be able to boast the appellation Industry 4.0, it is not enough, however, just to acquire some fascinating enabling technology like the ones exposed, but it is appropriate to address also those who are able to contextualize them so that they can function at their best , contributing to the real efficiency of manufacturing processes.

During the fair, the Emilia-Romagna companies that aimed to receive a 360 ° support found effective answers by visiting District 4.0, the path dedicated to the Digital Transformation of manufacturing through examples of advanced automation, digital & software, robotics and mechatronics (pavilions 4, 4.1 and 7) but, in particular, at stand A016 of the pad. 7 where SMILE-DIH, the newly established Competence Center BI-REX and DIH Emilia-Romagna have been able to clarify and highlight their skills, in addition to the skills necessary for companies to be able to implement the most innovative applications.

They did it in the most open and inclusive way possible, enhancing the many experiences of its members, use cases made in the industrial sector, videos and interventions to highlight proposals from solution providers, SMEs and innovative Startups.

The rich schedule, proposed during all three days of the event, introduced and commented on by Roberto Buratti, head of the information systems and innovation area of the Unione Parmense degli Industriali and coordinator of SMILE Digital Innovation Hub, assisted by Stefano Cattorini and Giampaolo Amadori, respectively general manager and business development manager of BI-REX, as well as Danilo Mascolo of DIH Emilia-Romagna, who was able to count on twenty or so interventions, downloadable below, of:

  1. Ptc Srl: “Enhancing Digital Transformation for Manufacturing Enterprises
  2. Difly Srl: “X Sensing: automated and multi-functional drones
  3. Horsa SpA: “The MES according to Horsa
  4. Agricolus Srl: “Digital transformation and optimization of agronomic practices
  5. Food Farm 4.0: “Food Farm 4.0: training that becomes production
  6. DM Management & Consulting Srl: “Industry 4.0: the MES as a Digital Transformation accelerator
  7. FSTT Srl: “Traceability of perishable goods in real time: how to protect the cold chain
  8. ProjectMii: “Made in Italy in blockchain
  9. Altair: “Simulation-driven Design
  10. DIH Liguria: “ Digital transformation in supply chains – The AENet 4.0 project
  11. Relayr Inc.: “The industrial IoT powerhouse
  12. Blulink Srl: “Quality 4.0: a new approach to processes with Quarta Software – the Prima Power case
  13. Horsa SpA: “Iot analytics according to Horsa
  14. Cripton.IT Srl + MF Labs: “Internet of Immutable Things: How Blockchain increases the potential of IoT
  15. TechMass Italy: “Increase company productivity by involving the team
  16. Marposs: “Prodotti e applicazioni Marposs nella linea di produzione di celle per batterie
  17. BuOnImpresa: “Algho: an artificial intelligence tool
  18. Immersio Srl: “Virtual and augmented reality for streamlining processes
  19. Mach3D (e-FEM srl): “Evolution in Material Testing

The films shown, for which we thank in particular Blulink, DVP Vacuum Technology, Fancypixel, Flash Battery, IBM, Marposs, Poggipolini, PTC, Rekeep, Samp, Siemens, are available on our Youtube channel.