The European Commission is promoting the “Digital Innovation Challenge” initiative to identify European SMEs and digital startups providing digital services, capable of developing open, innovative and reusable services and solutions using the tools made available by the European Commission itself.

This challenge will allow the participating SMEs and digital startups to accelerate their growth by exploiting existing Community tools to provide the basis for facilitating the provision of digital, interoperable, cross-border and cross-domain services and solutions.

Up for cash prizes of € 50,000 (first place), € 20,000 (second place) and € 10,000 (third place) to develop a service or application solution in order to:

  • strengthen its service offering by using standards-based solutions;
  • facilitate cross-border operations and tap into pan-European markets;
  • achieve a higher level of security, interoperability and compliance.

The deadline for joining by applying for membership is February 28, 2020.

An information session on the Challenge will take place on 30 January 2020 (registration here).

For more information: website – email

Share and invite anyone you think might be interested in signing up to stay updated on the challenge.